1. Manufacturing Implementation


In the automotive industry, shipping slips and receipts are encoded with QR Code containing customer data, shipper data, product number, quantity, and other data. The data is used for ordering and product scanning.


  • Gather large volumes of shipping data by one-touch operation.
  • Significantly reduce the cost of forms compared with conventional OCR slips.

2. Logistics Implementation


At Chukyo Coca-Cola Bottling, product code, expiration date, manufacturing history, and other data are encoded into QR Code. The data is used for logistics management of food products.


  • Enables first-in first-out execution based on expiration date control.
  • Improves traceability based on manufacturing history control.

3. Sales Implementation


At HOYA Healthcare INCORPORATED, product code, product name, power, base curve, and other data are encoded (8 mm [0.3"] square) into QR Code for printing on contact lens cases. The data is used for sales management purposes.

  • Enables sales management of small contact lens products.
  • Enables efficient analysis of sales situation.

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